The Pure Line Series


A Prophetic Calling
A Warrior Chained
A Curse Revealed

When ruthless and mysterious tyrrohns ravaged his poverty-stricken hometown, Adrian joined a secret group of fighters to ward them off. It was his only chance to rid himself of the undeserved title of “tyrrohn ally.”

Then, the enemy uncovers the secrets of his past life. With distrust and danger in the air, it’s beginning to look like redemption is impossible.

Will Adrian Falkner be willing to do what it takes to break the chains of his past? Or will he be chained forever? 

Book 1 of The Pure Line Series

It was such a hard book to put down! Every page you turn, there is a new thrilling adventure and plot twist.

Maleia G.

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A Promised Leader
A Trapped Heart
A Deadly Doubt

When an intentional fire wipes out the home of the Defencio Veritas, it’s up to Adrian to bring them back together in time. Nothing and no one will stop him from picking up a Faze Whip and battling this new and disastrous enemy.
No one…except Rebekah.

Daring and worldly Rebekah Mullen pulls on Adrian’s heart, leading him back into the life he once knew. The Defense waits for the Promised Leader to fulfill his mission, but Rebekah asks him to give it all up for her.

With disaster striking on every side, plunging Adrian into constant turmoil, he doubts the Almighty’s power and love. Will his faith stand firm, or will doubt turn to denial?

Book 2 of The Pure Line Series

I eagerly awaited the release of Trapped, and it did not disappoint!
I found it a well-balanced mix of characters, plot twists, and growing pains, making it the perfect weekend read for us bookworms. 

Josie Kayne

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It’s the one plight Adrian Falkner never saw coming.
How can a bleeding heart survive the Betrayer’s return?

Book 3 of The Pure Line Series