I’m Alyson Jensen, a redeemed servant of God through the grace of Jesus Christ.

I penned The Pure Line Series, and I am so excited to share these stories with you!
I began writing the PLS in 2016 and officially published the first book, Chained, in March of 2021.  The following September, I published its sequel, Trapped.

The Pure Line Series gives readers epic battles and empowering characters to follow as they are led to See the spiritual battle, Fight the real enemy, and Conquer through Jesus Christ!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you choose to stay and follow the battles.

Coming Soon!

Book 3 of The Pure Line Series

It’s the one plight Adrian Falkner never saw coming.
How can a bleeding heart survive the Betrayer’s return?

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Reviews for The Pure Line Series


“A gripping and intriguing story with just the right mix of adventure and suspense, Chained is a hard book to put down!!”

Esther, age 17


“An awe-inspiring book from a Christian standpoint that shows the real life struggle between every person and the devil. A fictitious adventure book with a thick story plot – one that I will read over and over!”

Susanna, age 16

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