I’m Alyson Jensen, a redeemed servant of God through the grace of Jesus Christ.

I penned The Pure Line Series, and I am so excited to share these stories with you!
I began writing the PLS in 2016 and officially published the first book, Chained, in March of 2021.  The following September, I published its sequel, Trapped.

The Pure Line Series gives readers epic battles and empowering characters to follow as they are led to See the spiritual battle, Fight the real enemy, and Conquer through Jesus Christ!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you choose to stay and follow the battles.

Coming Soon!

Book 3 of The Pure Line Series

It’s the one plight Adrian Falkner never saw coming.
How can a bleeding heart survive the Betrayer’s return?

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The Caravan Buddies and I have plenty of fun discussing Scripture, upcoming books, Sister of the Authoress Jokes, new blogs and reviews, and personal stories! 

Each time, the Caravan Buddies get a chance to join in, give from their heart, add their thoughts, ask and answer questions.

Inspiring Writers with God's Word

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I have received much inspiration from my siblings over the years. Now, they share a snippet of their insights!

When I started out writing, editing, and publishing books, I wasn’t looking for a calling. But, more than one person seemed to think I had found it.

Hallelu Yah

It’s time to raise a Hallelu Yah! If you’re anything like me, when you enjoy a book or God uses it to build your faith, you want to share it with others.
One of the best ways to do that is give reviews. Naturally, I want more people to know about read The Pure Line Series.
I’d love for more readers to write reviews, however… I’m not asking for typical reviews for The Pure Line Series.
I’m asking you to raise a hallelu Yah!

“One of the main things I loved about this book was how much of God’s character was put on display…
I found myself saying ‘thank you’ subconsciously for all the character of God as I read this book…
Chained was as memorable as it was impactful to my faith, and to my life.”

Esther Grace, age 18

In an increasingly God-less culture, American literature has suffered painful amendments. It’s difficult to find new books that have been skillfully written with exciting plots, empathetic characters, and in-depth world development that also hold to the standard of truth that we – as Christ-followers – embrace.

I’d like to welcome you to the Kingdom Seekers Circle – a little corner dedicated to reviewing Christian books to help you find the true, beautiful, and powerful stories you desire.

Immerse yourself in many new worlds and join new characters on their journeys as we assemble the Kingdom Seekers Circle.